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AI Powered Low Code, No Limits.

Tangle enables organizations to build enterprise applications in hours with an intuitive open source platform offering reusable components, no code drag and drop tools, secure architecture, complete code extensibility & AI-powered process scheduling automation. Ultimate low code flexibility for all your workflow, automation & integration requirements

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"Tangle has dramatically increased the speed at which we are able to develop our platform whilst simultaneously reducing the overall system complexity saving us both time and money. Tangle has allowed us to scale and build our public api and dashboard quicker than we ever thought possible giving us a real advantage over our competitors.”

Tash Grossman
CEO & Founder, Slip

"Tangle allowed us to extend existing applications like Salesforce within the NHS, integrating not only the simple apps like Teams and Zoom but very sophisticated systems like health records & Experian."

Ian Smith
Being Guided

"Tangle was the only platform without limits and dead ends. It’s saved us at least 90% in terms of time and cost.”

Darko Atijas
MD, True Altitude


Adapt to continuous change in a hybrid world.

Tangle believes a Low Code platform is the best-way for enterprises to develop applications at speed, on spec and within budget. Frustration at the age-old problem of expensive legacy products being coded over time and over budget with limited functionality and flexibility led our Low Code pioneer founders to create an industry leading Low Code platform and app for the NFL Players Association. The Tangle low code revolution had begun.

Be empowered to build and update  applications to meet the precise needs of your businesses. Drag and drop high quality reusable components, or create bespoke, components if and when needed.

Take back control and join the Low Code Revolution

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A Low Code approach delivers the following benefits for organisations:

Create business value 10x-20x faster than traditional methods

Reacting at speed to ever changing and evolving business needs

Gain a competitive edge utilising the first platform that truly enables business oriented, agile ways of working

Focus on the customer without compromising technical architecture

Reduce the costs associated with developing software

Translate business expertise to technical delivery seamlessly


Deliver enterprise value fast with change management & compliance built in

Tangle allows you to deliver enterprise value at speed, enabling you to efficiently build scalable, secure, enterprise grade applications. Apps which you can quickly and easily design and deploy, to meet the needs and expectations of your user community

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Develop and deploy fast

Focus on delivering organizational value fast. Tangle takes care of the architecture.

Deliver quality at speed

Use our high quality ready made components or build your own, to deliver exactly what you need.

Scalable out-of-the-box

Created for enterprises, Tangle is built to scale to meet your needs.

Simplify business automation

Automate complex business processes with intuitive drag-and-drop workflows.

Secure and resilient by design

Build applications on the foundation of enterprise security, high availability and disaster recovery.

Go beyond traditional UI

Leave stale web UI and spreadsheets behind to deliver applications that users love to interact with.

Our Credentials

Tangle Platform

Low-code is number 1 critical enabler in Gartner Impact Radar for 2022

Faster app development with Tangle compared to traditional development methods

90%Time to value reduction with Tangle projects 

0 minsTime to first log in, compared to weeks/months with most other dev options

Tangle Team

Years of CIO/CTO experience at world class organisations

Years our CEO has pioneered technology with Low Code No Code applications platforms

Successful tech scale ups & exits our team have been involved in

Countries our global team are based in 

Tangle Manufacturing

AI Powered, No Limits

Want to learn more? If you have a question, would like more information or would like a Demo of Tangle Manufacturing please get in touch.

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