Why was Tangle created?

Tangle believes a Low Code platform is the best-way for enterprises to develop applications at speed, on spec and within budget. Frustration at the age-old problem of expensive legacy products being coded over time and over budget with limited functionality and flexibility led our Low Code pioneer founders to create an industry leading Low Code platform and app for the NFL Players Association.

Tangle projects are successfully completed 10-20x faster than is possible with traditional development tools. In this new hybrid working world, Tangle makes a difference with a flexible, scalable, enterprise grade platform that delivers best in class apps 90% faster than with traditional development methods.

How does Tangle help organisations?

Tangle enables organisations to reduce cost, time and risk in software projects with an easy to use, flexible, Low Code platform with reusable components, intuitive drag and drop tools and secure, scalable architecture. We empower the business people who understand the business challenges best to be able to build and update their own applications to meet the precise needs of the businesses.

Whilst also allowing developers a path to enhance quality further by contributing high quality, bespoke, components if and when needed. Tangle enables organisations to quickly adapt to change, take back control, grow faster and join the low code revolution.

Tangle has operations in:

  • Tampa, USA
  • London, UK
  • Dublin, Ireland
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The Team

We are assembling the very best professionals in the tech world, brought together by their outstanding achievements so far and strong personal qualities. We share a passion to bring the benefits of Tangle’s low code platform to as many businesses globally as possible. Our leadership team has huge amounts of experience in leading successful tech organisations and in pioneering best in class low code platforms.

Executive Team


Wayne Byrne


Abe McIntosh


Colin Streames-Smith

Head of Growth

Gordon McAlpine

Advisory Team

Darko Atijas

Nathan Kelleher

Harrison Emmett Lee

Arvindra Sehmi

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