Unlock the power of abstraction

Through capabilities on a low code platform (such as a model-driven or graphical programming) users can minimise hand coding and abstract away a number of technical requirements to develop complete applications consisting of user interfaces, business logic, workflow and data services.

Low code platforms create foundations which all software built on their platform benefits from; this allows users to focus on the last mile of application creation rather than starting from scratch with each build.

Learn about Tangle

Low code abstractions can produce the following for services built on their platform; without any additional effort from the service creator.

  • High Performance
  • High availability and scalability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • API and Cloud Services Access
  • Application Usage Monitoring
  • Front-end user experiences
  • Complex business process automation and management
  • Event-driven architecture

Software development is getting harder as standards rise

Rise of Micro Apps
More and more enterprises are building 'micro apps' to add functionality on top of existing legacy systems. Tangle makes this fast and easy!

Consumerization of Tech
More and more employees expect the software they use at work to be as fast, social, mobile and intuitive as apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Regulations and Compliance
At the same time, increased regulations and governance means applications require deeper security, integration and automation process than ever before.

Generate oversized ROI

Low Code enhances delivery in terms of speed and cost, but twinned with enabling your teams to work more effectively, your ROI encompasses more than the direct impact of single project deliveries.

Faster Delivery

Reduced Project Cost

Overhead Savings

Resource Utilisation

Enhanced Products

Increased Innovation

Tangle Manufacturing

AI Powered, No Limits

Want to learn more? If you have a question, would like more information or would like a Demo of Tangle Manufacturing please get in touch.

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