How Tangle Manufacturing benefits your business


Of companies noticed quicker resolution


Increase in production efficiency


Decrease in production costs


Increase in meeting delivery promises


A complete set of powerful building blocks

Have an ERP that is as unique as your business.  Avoid retraining your teams, and keep your existing process and data. Execute and deliver fast by automating manual steps in your Quoting, Purchasing, Work Order and many more.

GPT Style chatbot functionality eliminating repetitive and error-prone manual tasks.

Real-Time visibility into your operations, with fully customisable dashboards.

Rich Features to quickly adapt to your own unique needs,  implemented at lightning speed to automate and streamline your manufacturing related operations.

Our Reviews

"Tangle is able to bend every which way and that's been the best aspect of working with this software - the potential to create virtually everything we need"


CEO / YarlMetals

"We had a need to exit an unsuitable ERP system that was forcing us to change our way of doing business. Tangle enabled us to quickly and easily customize a system to fit our needs and do what an ERP system is supposed to do - help us grow the business. Great support and onboarding."


CEO / Volo Aero MRO

"Other Vendors could not match our needs - Tangle met 100% of our requirements"



Key Benefits of Tangle Manufacturing

Automate your workflows, add or remove pages as needed, and so much more...
Inventory Management
Gain full control over your stock with real-time inventory updates and detailed reports. Our solution makes managing, categorising, and tracking your inventory levels easy, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking.
Efficiently manage your workforce, equipment, and production schedules with our advanced scheduling feature. Ensure optimal resource utilization and avoid production delays with our smart scheduling system.
Production & Costing Management
Make informed decisions with our production and costing management feature. Track production costs, analyze profitability, and implement cost-saving measures with ease.
Customer Management
Build strong customer relationships with our built-in CRM system. Manage customer interactions, sales pipelines, and generate detailed customer reports to improve customer satisfaction.
Customer & Vendor Access
Provide a seamless experience with dedicated web portals for your customers and vendors. These portals offer self-service capabilities, making placing orders, tracking deliveries, and managing accounts easier.
Streamline your sales process with our quote-to-cash feature. From generating quotes to invoicing customers, our solution automates each step to speed up your sales cycle and improve cash flow.
Quote and Invoice Generation
Simplify your billing process with our automated quote and invoice generation feature. Create professional quotes and invoices and send them directly to your customers within minutes.
Shop Floor Data Collection
Collect and analyze real-time data from your shop floor. Monitor operational performance, identify bottlenecks, track Quality and implement improvements to enhance productivity.
Job & Time Tracking
Our solution provides a streamlined approach to tracking your jobs and the time spent on them. Easily schedule tasks, set priorities, and monitor progress to ensure project deadlines are met.


Tangle Connectors

Leverage Tangle's API to link it with most third-party software (e.g. Accountancy, Sales, Payments, etc.) or establish personalized workflows. Seamlessly incorporate a diverse range of integrations to enhance your core business functions. Tangle's manufacturing software is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly adapt to your software necessities.

Tangle Manufacturing

AI Powered, No Limits

Want to learn more? If you have a question, would like more information or would like a Demo of Tangle Manufacturing please get in touch.

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