Tangle provides the tools to add value to your business, you decide the ideas.

A New Work Hub enabling a digital workplace, connecting, enabling and optimizing teams and processes across the business

Tangle empowers your business to create the solutions that can optimise the way you do business, whether that's through connecting parties through Portals, finding transparency with Dashboards, or streamlining workflows through digitisation. The power of our platform combined with the simplicity of our integrations is delivered to your employees through easily accessible tools, creating the opportunity for multiple solutions; some of which are detailed below.

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Environmental Social & Governance Dashboards

Tangle allows for the easy creation of ESG & Business Dashboards, with all of the expected power of an Enterprise Dashboard placed in the hands of employees. Where previous dependence on Excel and simple tools led to manual processes and calculation errors, Tangle through its streamlined user experience empowers employees to:

  • Track key metrics and KPIs
  • Auto-generate Monthly Reports
  • Track and manage initiatives and their impacts

Partner Engagement Portals

The power of Tangle can unlock a whole new experience for you and your stakeholders. Due to its underlying technical foundations,Tangle allows you to easily expose the information and processes that you want, to the parties that you choose. This functionality can be used to create Portals which enable centralised communication and workflows with parties, such as partners, that previously were unable to interact technologically with your organisation.

  • Engage Partners in your processes
  • Integrate Seamlessly with your backend CRM
  • Deal registration
  • Content access

HR Onboarding Workflows

Digitising your workflows with Tangle provides security, speed, transparency and the ability to audit the underlying process. HR Onboarding or off-boarding are a clear use-case where Tangle can, through its drag-and-drop tools, provide the following:

  • Step by step onboarding process
  • Integrate with existing backend systems
  • Automate IT related tasks and ensure no steps are missed
  • Seamless user experience

Our partner Being Guided has used these capabilities to implement rapid solutions for clients.

"Tangle.io enables us to create many integrations with a Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce foundation. This ranges from popular apps, such as Eventbrite, Google Workspace, Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Webinar - to complex interfaces - e.g. HL7 for Electronic Health Record ("EHR") systems or comprehensive Decisioning APIs, such as UK Companies House or Experian."

- Ian Smith, Being Guided

Integrated Health Solutions

Being Guided led two Salesforce implementations in the UK Health system. Tangle proved to be key in enabling rapid, affordable integration with both complex EHR and other enterprise applications, in addition to popular cloud apps, such as Eventbrite HubSpot, Mailchimp, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Webinar.

Underwriting Platform

For a fast-growth financial services organisation, Being Guided used Tangle to rapidly develop an Enterprise Grade Underwriting Platform. Achieving a seamless journey between customer enquiry on Salesforce Platform to real-time Credit Decisioning via the Experian API, to support business and consumer lending. This included an integration with a sophisticated Wholesale Finance System.

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Tangle Manufacturing

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Want to learn more? If you have a question, would like more information or would like a Demo of Tangle Manufacturing please get in touch.

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