Developer Friendly

Tangle is built from the ground up to be THE low-code platform that doesn't sacrifice code quality, development standards or developer experience. It’s built to seamlessly integrate with your current development processes, editors, GitHub source control and change management.

Standards based open coding templates and components

Extend any app with no limitations using standard JavaScript, Vue.js templates, HTML and CSS without any complex learning curve.

Quality of life and code

Custom code blocks and templates can be edited in the browser or any desktop IDE with real-time hot reload to the browser and full integration with Github

Open Platform with no Lock-in

Based on completely open libraries, with MIT based flexible open licensing for development partners & support

Complete Design Control

All standard Tangle components (navigation, forms, grids etc) are based on standard bootstrap components for easy styling and total design control


Happy End Users

Tangle apps aren't just faster to build, they’re faster to use. Tangle apps have real time data streaming and collaboration built in at the core, so every application automatically runs super fast with no waiting or page refreshes interfering with your workflow.

Apps built are so fast, they are REAL TIME

Online or temporary offline - NO more page refreshes or loading screens. Tangle lets users collaborate in real time just like Google Sheets, so all changes are instant.

No Spreadsheet Withdrawal

Deep Excel import/export functions, real-time sync with Google Sheets and embedded spreadsheet components let you keep what's great about your spreadsheets - but also use the same data in a proper shared and secure application - on your desktop or mobile device.

Collaboration as Standard

Social posts, comments and chat are all standard; allowing users to build custom workflows, messaging and data interfaces.


Front end UI Builder

No Code Tools

  • Intuitive data grids
  • Filter builder
  • Form builder
  • Dashboard and chart builder
  • Pivot BI tools
  • Kanban
  • Gantt

Low Code Tools

  • Custom reusable component libraries (low/no code)
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom HTML
  • Easily code end user configurable widgets (use our fully integrated AI/GPT Bot to assist for more complex code)

Back End Workflow API & Integration Builder

  • Define a serverless API with a couple of clicks
  • Trigger workflows for integrating data from 3rd party systems, querying your database
  • Drag and drop workflow builder with decision branching and approval steps built in
  • Add your own custom workflow steps as easily as writing functions
  • Multiple authentication options available (oauth, username and password, token)
  • Full tracking, scheduling and error handling built in
  • Seamlessly integrated with the Tangle front end
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Tangle Manufacturing

AI Powered, No Limits

Want to learn more? If you have a question, would like more information or would like a Demo of Tangle Manufacturing please get in touch.

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